EUR/USD is fluctuating around the 1.10 level, up from the lows but not going anywhere fast. What’s next for the pair? The team at Barclays explains why a short on euro/dollar remains the key trade: Here is their view, courtesy of eFXnews: In a recent note to clients, Barclays Capital explains why short EUR/USD remains … More EUR/USD Daily

5 reasons the EUR is higher after Sunday night

EUR/USD is trading at 1.1250 already reaching 1.1276, over 100 pips from the close on Friday. Since Friday, the Greek crisis went into overdrive, with the breakup of talks, the Greferendum announcement, the rejection of the bailout, the ECB freeze of ELA and the capital controls. A lot of alarming events. So how come the Sunday … More 5 reasons the EUR is higher after Sunday night

Greek News

Greece has made a suggestion for a 2 year bailout plan under the ESM. The program includes debt restructuring and the ejection of the IMF. The medium term solution and the other ideas all sound good, but they are probably unacceptable in Germany. Here are the advantages and why chances are low for a YES from Germany: Advantages Long … More Greek News